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NBS Equipment Requests
NBS has its own supply of equipment available to only NBS Productions!
Please fill out the form below to see our inventory and make a reservation.
Not all reservations are guaranteed to be fufilled

Gear will be checked in and out of the 172 Tremont Basement
Emerson Vendors
Equipment Distribution Center (EDC)
19 Avery Street
 - Primary vendor for film equipment at Emerson.
 - You must currently be enrolled in a production class to take out equipment.
- Equipment variety is great, but checkouts for independent work can be challenging.


Emerson Studio Locations
Tufte Television Studios
Tufte, 8th Floor
Two studio spaces and control rooms equipped with broadcast and lighting systems, rigging grids, fixtures, set pieces, and grip carts. Studio A has a cyc wall and larger ready-made set pieces.
Paramount Sound Stage
Paramount, 4th Floor
Studio location that provides many lighting fixtures, cameras (film & digital), and set pieces. The space has a lighting grid, grip and rigging equipment, and a fully stocked equipment room that mirrors equipment available in the EDC. Note this space is only available for production classes and thesis projects.


All paperwork must now be submitted through the VMA Production Portal. Click below to find the forms you need to submit and more!
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